• President Carolyn Freeman called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. The President introduced Officers: Jon Clark, Vice President, Diane Ditzler, Secretary, and Amy Whetzel, Treasurer, Jacque Romain, At-Large Board member.
• She introduced the officers and asked all members to introduce themselves. The AACA Vision and Norms were shared with new members.
• President Freeman asked to certify a quorum of dues-paying members were present. With 22 members/residents in attendance, a quorum was certified.
• Old Business covered included:
o Brush pickup – issues with storm cleanup. Jacques Romain had called the county and they did conduct special pickup. Delay due to backlog. Some residents had bundles tagged and were assessed charges but called county and had discount applied. In the future, we will need to get a designation for weather events to get certification more quickly. President Freeman reminded all that 5 brush or bulk pickups are authorized per year by Fairfax County, brush cut in 6’ segments, and can be arranged online at the county website (www.fairfaxcounty.gov)
o Community Pickup – the pickup scheduled in July was cancelled. Additional information on restrictions and county’s desire to hold it outside of Annandale Acres prompted the cancellation. Numerous events are held each year and a list of all for the year is on the county site, including shredding, toxic chemicals, most of which are done at Mason District Government Center on Columbia Pike.
• Committee reports
o Land Use Issues
 Street Paving – scheduled for next spring for Auburn, Calvert and Clemons. Pothole on Beverly was fixed after county call. Jacques Romain also had sent a request to widen Calvert. Request for markers at creek was fulfilled.
 DeGroff Ct – retention pond was modified after issues were raised with the county and developer. Staging of trucks on Beverly has been stopped as well. The development is required to have an HOA and pay funds yearly to maintain the retention pond.
o Events
 Picnic Sunday, October 6 at the Freeman residence 7232 Calvert St, from 2-6pm. There will be no charge this year. Need volunteers for games/activities/setup. Rich Hoffmann will send draft flyer to officers.
o Treasurer’s Report was presented with all collections and disbursements. Dues are now $20 per household. Ability to donate is available. Fundraising opportunities are available (car wash at Backlick Service Station). Suggestions were made to include information in a Dues Notice mailer that the AACA is not an HOA.
o Membership – Lynn Hoffman will schedule a meeting with block captains to get things rolling. Maria Romain volunteered to put together a sample package for new members. This committee has a budget of $500 for welcome packages for new neighbors (10 new households a year at $50/household). Suggestions offered include: keep it simple; solicit local vendors for coupons; provide map of neighborhood, names/numbers of members; website link and info on trash pickup and other county services.
o Neighborhood Watch – President Freeman asked members present about the options for this, including signage, and it was agreed to shelve this at this time.
o By laws: Jacques Romain, chair, shared that 1962 and 1980 versions, as well as 2013 draft, are in circulation with board and would have a new draft to share at the next meeting for a vote. Jon Clark, VP, stated his views of complexity and concern to change language that may not need to be changed. Regina, former officer, shared that the 1980 version is not different from the 1962 version. Other officers shared the need to update the language to modernize and to provide clarity. Jon Clark stated that we should take more time – six months to a year, to circulate new draft and bring up for a vote sometime next year, with others agreeing and asking for them to be published before any vote is held. All were in agreement and Jacques will schedule a follow up meeting with officers.
• New Business
o Elections – General Election to be held at November meeting. Officer nominations form to be provided on website – all nominations by October 1. Slate to be available at the picnic and sent to all AACA members in advance of November election. No nominations from the floor in November.
o Emails – need for more email addresses. Block Captains asked to collect.
• Next AACA Quarterly Meeting – Monday, November 18 (George Mason Library)
• Meeting adjourned at 8:27 pm.