AACA General Meeting
November 17 2016
The AACA fall meeting was called to order at 7:04pm in the home of Jacque Romain’s residence. President Carolyn Freeman delivered a welcome, introduced the Board, and provided opening remarks. The business meeting format was shortened to allow for elections and ability to proceed with the Thanksgiving social event. She stated that business meeting format will resume with the February meeting and that any questions, please approach a Board member.
The President turned the meeting over to Secretary Diane Ditzler to conduct Fall Elections for the offices of Vice President and Secretary.
A member asked if there was a quorum of dues paying members. It was determined a quorum was present.
Jon Clark objected to the election stating the Constitution was not amended. Rich Hoffman moved to reject and move forward. Jim Freeman seconded. A board member provided information on the Constitution amendment process that was followed in 2013 leading to member notification and adoption in May 2014. Jacque Romain moved that the Board hold an Executive Session to review and get notice out to all members. Diane Tuluceanu seconded. Majority of members were in favor.
Two nominations for VP were presented: Jacque Romain and Jon Clark
The call for votes yielded 12 votes for Jacque Romain and 0 votes for Jon Clark.
Jacque Romain will serve as Vice President for the next term of two years.
At large members serve for one year. The membership was asked if they would accept the full slate of existing members, which included Mike Bang, Jon Clark and Gary Nisker. Jon Clark removed his name from consideration in light of his earlier objection to the holding of elections. The floor was opened to nominations for another at large member. Marco DaSilva volunteered. Diane Ditzler moved to accept Mike Bang, Gary Nisker and Marco DaSilva. Darius Sultan seconded. All members approved.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.