Welcome to Annandale Acres!  We are a neighborhood of 121 single family homes that are situated on 150 acres.  The community is located inside the Washington Beltway in Annandale, VA.

Annandale Acres was dedicated on June 21, 1940 as a community of one acre lots for single family homes.  The neighborhood was subdivided at that time pretty much as it appears today.  The neighborhood is composed of the lots on Auburn Street, Beverly Street, Calvert Street, Clemons Court, and the houses between 4612 and 4800 Backlick Road.

We have a safe neighborhood because of our location, a vibrant Neighborhood Watch program, and a general interest in the well-being of each other, as well as the preservation of the community.

Our civic association is active with a diverse group of people making it a fun and welcoming place to live!