Events Committee

The residents of Annandale Acres like to think of our small community as a close-knit, friendly neighborhood. Some years a picnic is held in the Fall to bring neighbors together for fellowship and fun. The Community Picnic is for all Families in the Annandale Acres community, whether paid members of the AACA or not; however, it is utilized as a vehicle to update the community directory as well as solicit new members and collect member dues.

The Events Committee will convene to ensure that a successful community picnic is held and that food and fun and are open to all families in Annandale Acres.

Membership is voluntary and no term length or limit is imposed. Any dues paying member of the AACA may join. We will have the following positions: Chairman, Coordinator, and Members.

Meetings of the Events Committee should meet in the first quarter following the AACA general meeting which sanctioned a picnic. The goal of the initial meeting is to coordinate planning, determine timeline and logistical needs, and assign responsibilities among the committee members. Meetings should then take place on a regular basis. An AACA officer may attend these meetings to help with planning and resource issues.

Each meeting will designate a secretary who will summarize the minutes and submit documentation to AACA officers.

This committee is always subordinate to the AACA and its officers, rules, and by-laws. Any issues between the two entities will be decided by the AACA officers.

Current Membership:
Chairman – Amy Whetzel
Coordinators – Diane Ditzler
Members – Open