Land Use Committee

Land use within Annandale Acres and Mason District has always been a hot issue whether we have rising land values and vibrant real estate markets or a bearish economy. Land use within Annandale Acres and Mason District have not been closely coordinated with the citizens of the area and particularly Annandale Acres. There is ever increasing pressure to subdivide our land and increase density beyond the infrastructure capacity. Therefore, the Land Use Committee (LUC) exists to act as advocates for the AACA and Homeowners of Annandale Acres.

The LUC is our advocate for the AACA members and landowners within Annandale Acres as it pertains to land use within the community proper, Mason District, and Fairfax County. The intent is to monitor, inform, and act on behalf of AACA when issues arise that concern the community or where action is required.

Membership is voluntary and no term length or limit is imposed. All dues paying members of the AACA may join. We have the following positions: Chairman, Coordinator, and Members. Any position may be filled by any person over 18 and registered to vote within the County of Fairfax. This requirement is necessary because the advocate will interface with the elected officials in Mason District and Fairfax County. There is no limit to the number of members and any member may hold multiple positions. The AACA President will also hold a member position on the committee.

Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis at a minimum and may coincide with AACA meetings. There will be other meetings as deemed appropriate by the members, any concerned AACA member or Annandale Acres homeowner.

Each meeting will designate a secretary who will summarize the minutes and documentation and submit to AACA officers. Documentation that cannot be copied (i.e. blueprints and plats) will be named by the Fairfax County reference number.

This committee is always subordinate to the AACA and its officers, rules, and by-laws. Any issues between the two entities will be decided by the AACA officers.

Current Membership:
Chairman – Carolyn Freeman
Coordinator – Open
Members – Open