Neighborhood Watch

The residents of Annandale Acres like to think of our small community as a close-knit, friendly neighborhood. To that end, a vibrant and responsible Neighborhood Watch is necessary to keep our community safe and enjoyable for our residents as well as our guests.

The Neighborhood Watch is an ongoing activity that relies heavily on each resident to perform their part; however, it also needs dedicated resources to manage the committee as well as provide for street captains.

Membership is voluntary and no term length or limit is imposed. Any dues paying member of the AACA may join. We will have the following positions: Chairman, Street Captains, and Police Liaison/Training Coordinator.

The Neighborhood Watch Committee should meet on a periodic basis and as needed to ensure our neighborhood has the appropriate resources filling the various roles, provide updates to the AACA Board, work with residents for training, and to convene meetings for special circumstances arising in the neighborhood

Each meeting will designate a secretary who will summarize the minutes and submit documentation to AACA officers.

This committee is always subordinate to the AACA and its officers, rules, and by-laws. Any issues between the two entities will be decided by the AACA officers.

Current Membership:
Chairman – Open
Street Captains – Open
Auburn – Jon Clark
Backlick – Open
Beverly – Ernie Vanarsdall
Calvert – Maria Romain
Clemons Ct – Open
Police Liaison / Training Coordinator – Carolyn Freeman