Storm Water Management Committee

Storm Water Management within Annandale Acres has been an ongoing issue, since inception of the community. We receive water from the properties on Backlick Road and from the condominiums above Backlick Road. Our community is inundated with these sources and also with runoff from Meadows Farms Nursery. We also suffer from poor VDOT maintenance and upkeep of the ditches and pipes that were provided instead of concrete structures. Therefore, to work with Fairfax County and VDOT the Storm Water Management Committee was formed to resolve these issues.

The SWC will act as an advocate for the AACA members and landowners within Annandale Acres as it pertains to storm water management concerns within the community proper. The intent is to resolve all drainage issues as quickly as possible, and act as a point of contact for future issues as they arise.

Membership is voluntary and no term length or limit is imposed. Those landowners who are members of the AACA may join. We will have the following positions: Chairman, Coordinator, and Member. These positions may be filled by any person over 18 and registered to vote within the County of Fairfax. This requirement is necessary because the advocate will interface with the elected officials in Mason District and Fairfax County. There is no limit to the number of members and any member may hold multiple positions.

Meetings will be held on a quarterly basis at a minimum and may coincide with AACA meetings. There will be other meetings as deemed appropriate by the members, any concerned AACA member or Annandale Acres homeowners.

Each meeting will designate a secretary who will summarize the minutes and documentation and submit to AACA officers. Documentation that cannot be copied (i.e. blueprints, plats, and maps) will be named by the Fairfax County reference number.

This committee is always subordinate to the AACA and its officers, rules, and by-laws. Any issues between the two entities will be decided by the AACA officers.

Current Membership:
Chairman – Jacques Romain
Coordinator – Open
Members – Tracy Rigo